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2019 Creativity Project - CITY

Trying to develop a single word into a single idea and then create pictures that represent that idea is not a simple thing to do, but that is what the “CITY” project is all about.

Over a 15 week period, everyone needs a target and ours is 29th January, the aim is to develop a series of pictures, ideally up to 5, that represent your idea around the word city and what it means to you. In the process we will have a feedback session where you can show your ideas and pictures at the club and talk through what you have intended, where you think you are and have the opportunity to ask for any thought’s others may have. Does your idea come through in the pictures?

It may help to use other photographers as inspiration and develop your idea “in the style of” your favourite photographer. This can be a way to trial any format or style of photography you like or think may work for your idea. Whatever style, colour, monochrome, format, shape of photographs you decide are right, they want to be viewed together as a storyboard that when looked at by others will, ideally, lead the viewer to have the same word or idea about “CITY” that you originally had. It will be difficult and it may be tempting to take a series of pictures of a city and then see what you get, but this needs to done the other way around, idea first then the pictures.

This can be done on your own or in pairs, sometimes it is easier to have someone to talk an idea through with but that is a choice you need to make. Whichever way you decide to work, each person should have a series of pictures to show at the end. At the feedback period, 30th October, it would be best to have some pictures in digital form, we can view them as our DPI sessions and any changes or developments will not cause that much work. I do not expect to get my ideas right first time, I expect to change my approach, more than once I suspect. For the final output on the 29th January that would ideally be in print. This is not a competition but I hope we can surprise ourselves and produce a very diverse set of images that we can then publish on our website and possibly hold an exhibition later in the new year.

Most importantly, have fun.


Russ Fowler

You can see the finished project here:

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