2018/19 Results




AuthorMerit 1Merit 2Merit 3Merit 4TotalRank
Pete Wrighton299231005301
Robert Watts282225005072
Tony Cartwright276228005043
Russ Fowler271232005034
Nick Archer287215005025
Bill Griffiths289208004976
Rebecca Thompson265225004907
Allan Stewart249230004798
Joost Lohman249228004779
Adrian Newell2731880046110
Stuart Morrison2412170045811
Linda Johnson2451800042512
Sophie Niepceron2211850040613
Mike Forster24000024014
Heather Russell15400015415
Keith Russell14800014816


AuthorMerit 1Merit 2Merit 3Merit 4TotalRank
Adrian Newell300221005211
Rebecca Thompson260242005022
Russ Fowler270221004913
Stuart Morrison269217004864
Pete Wrighton268213004815
Tony Cartwright275206004815
Allan Stewart265212004777
Robert Watts259217004768
Nick Archer259211004709
Linda Johnson2691780044710
Joost Lohman25500025511


AuthorMerit 1Merit 2Merit 3Merit 4TotalRank
Keith Helfet162126002881
Pete Wrighton152124002762
Joost Lohman134136002703
Russ Fowler152110002624
Rebecca Thompson138117002555
Robert Watts139113002526
Tony Cartwright116133002497
Linda Johnson143102002458
Stuart Morrison14490002349
Adrian Newell136960023210
Bill Griffiths1171110022811
Nick Archer141840022512
Sophie Niepceron141840022512
Detail Results - DPI


AuthorImageAdj TotalRank
Pete WrightonEyespy1641
Bill GriffithsMagic Merlin1622
Nick ArcherLondon Reflection1622
Heather RussellKingfisher1544
Adrian NewellWALKING ON THE PATH1525
Keith RussellStag1486
Robert WattsSeed head1486
Tony CartwrightTop of the Hill1428
Rebecca ThompsonDirection1389
Allan StewartCorbier Lighthouse13710
Russ FowlerAnother Place13710
Pete WrightonChurch13512
Tony CartwrightIn the Shade13413
Russ FowlerConcentration or Contemplation13413
Robert WattsAll in the air13413
Linda JohnsonWilderness Sprung13116
Joost LohmanBurnt Grasses12817
Bill GriffithsQuite an Entrance12718
Rebecca ThompsonHay12718
Mike ForsterPastel12520
Nick ArcherBlind Busker12520
Stuart MorrisonBurton Dassett12223
Adrian Newellflying a banana12124
Joost LohmanInto the Dungeon12124
Stuart MorrisonIn a Rush11926
Mike ForsterButterfly11527
Linda JohnsonHeavenly Bathtime11428
Allan StewartThe red door11229
Sophie NiepceronBURTON DASSETT HILLS9730


AuthorImageAdj TotalRank
Joost LohmanStructures in Blue1301
Pete WrightonSmokey1262
Rebecca ThompsonEbb and flow1253
Robert WattsMy Next Trousers?1244
Russ FowlerPretty Flamingo1185
Nick ArcherSun Rise Over the Wrekin1185
Allan StewartRoyal Scot1177
Tony CartwrightKimmeridge Bay1168
Bill GriffithsA SUNNING FALCON1159
Russ FowlerQuiet Valley11410
Allan StewartCommon blue damselfly11311
Tony CartwrightRuined11212
Stuart MorrisonGone Fishing11212
Pete WrightonBeduff Squirrel10514
Stuart MorrisonWaymarker10514
Adrian NewellErr There is a cheetah on the track10316
Robert WattsThe green door10117
Rebecca ThompsonThe Elephant10018
Joost LohmanSpiralling Grasses9819
Nick ArcherFern Leaf9720
Sophie NiepceronCromer pier9621
Linda JohnsonTwilight Act9322
Bill GriffithsHOME ON THE RANGE9322
Sophie NiepceronHunstanton cliffs8924
Linda JohnsonBeauty and the Beast8725
Adrian NewellCome On Time for a Swim8526
Detail Results - PRINTS


AuthorImageAdj TotalRank
Adrian NewellThe Castle1511
Adrian NewellMisty Morning1492
Linda JohnsonWings of an Angel1463
Russ FowlerMoel Siabod1414
Stuart MorrisonThe Needles1395
Tony CartwrightAdmiring the View1395
Pete Wrightonflower1387
Robert WattsTenby at low tide1387
Tony CartwrightThe Age of Beauty1369
Allan StewartField of dreams13310
Allan StewartEasy Rider13211
Joost LohmanPolitical Divide13211
Rebecca Thompsonreflections13113
Nick ArcherGirl in the Hat13113
Pete Wrightonblock paving13015
Stuart MorrisonGhost Ships13015
Rebecca Thompsonpipe man12917
Russ FowlerCar Number 3912917
Nick ArcherJapanese Wedding12819
Linda JohnsonMy Pot of Gold12320
Joost LohmanGraveyard and Pollarded Trees12320
Robert WattsShadows in the sand12122


AuthorImageAdj TotalRank
Rebecca Thompsonhustle and bustle1261
Stuart MorrisonStorm Brewing1222
Russ FowlerStunning Starlings1183
Rebecca ThompsonInner Tube1164
Robert WattsYoung artist1135
Adrian NewellBikes in the Old Town1116
Nick ArcherNick1116
Adrian NewellSunset by the Little Chapel1108
Pete WrightonArrows1099
Allan StewartMickey & me10810
Tony CartwrightDenham Wood10711
Robert WattsWhite flowers in a jug10412
Pete WrightonFeeling Shattered10412
Allan StewartSwan Lake10412
Russ FowlerOut of the Gloom10315
Nick ArcherWhite Flower10016
Tony CartwrightJurassic Coast9917
Linda JohnsonA sweep's Bounty9917
Stuart MorrisonHengisbury Head9519
Linda JohnsonPopcorn Applause7920
Detail Results - FUN SET SUBJECT


AuthorImageAdj TotalRank
Keith HelfetSeagul over Aqua1621
Pete WrightonLet Me In1522
Russ FowlerUp Close and Personal1522
Stuart MorrisonRed Admiral1444
Linda JohnsonDawn1435
Nick ArcherSquirrel1416
Sophie NiepceronHERON IN FLIGHT1416
Robert WattsSquirrel1398
Rebecca ThompsonBriefest encounter1389
Adrian NewellJUMPING FOR JOY13610
Joost LohmanMushrooms with Moss13411
Bill GriffithsA Very Hairy Caterpillar11712
Tony CartwrightSurvival11613


AuthorImageAdj TotalRank
Joost LohmanMy Turn1361
Tony CartwrightNatural Habitat1332
Keith HelfetKH selfie1263
Pete WrightonFour?1244
Rebecca ThompsonStorm with a teacup1175
Robert WattsMy Super Heros1136
Bill GriffithsFADING AWAY1117
Russ FowlerMe1108
Linda JohnsonA Graduation Selfie1029
Adrian NewellTwo on a Mountain9610
Stuart MorrisonSnap Chap9011
Nick ArcherSanta's Grotto8412
Sophie NiepceronUndercover8412



Overall Results

Linda Johnson5481
Keith Helfet5232
Pete Wrightson5183
Rebecca Thompson5174
Bill Gill5165
John Shuttleworth4776
Lucy Ford4547
Ian Luckett4518
Jackie Miller4469
Tony Miller43710

Detail Results

AuthorImageAdj TotalRank
Linda JohnsonBattersea Alight1471
Bill GillFulmar1392
Keith HelfetArt Deco Bottle1383
Bill GillHigh Brown Fritillary Feeding1374
Pete WrightsonWet Cobbles1374
Linda JohnsonWings of an Angle1356
Linda JohnsonA Welcome Visitor1356
Rebecca ThompsonHustle and Bustle1356
Pete WrightsonSail Away1349
Keith HelfetAlhambra Arches1349
Rebecca ThompsonThe Barbican13311
Keith HelfetMisty Holes Bay13311
Lucy FordScenic View From an Umbrella13311
Linda JohnsonA Guiding Star13114
Pete WrightsonFishermans' Bastion13015
John ShuttleworthIron Age View12916
Bill GillLeaving the Train12617
John ShuttleworthWalking the Dogs12518
Rebecca ThompsonThe Bullring12518
Rebecca ThompsonEwe what?12420
John ShuttleworthSpace to Think12321
Ian LuckettA light read12122
Lucy FordHot Air11923
Keith HelfetFiery Holes Bay Sunset11824
Pete WrightsonBallet Dancer11725
Ian LuckettWheat Field11626
Bill GillFlying High11427
Ian LuckettDown in the Woods11228
Jackie MillerBusy Bees11228
Jackie MillerFlower Burst11228
Tony MillerFierce11228
Jackie MillerDriftwood11132
Jackie MillerRiver Kwai11132
Tony MillerVertical Face11034
Tony MillerWelsh Moss10835
Lucy FordLindsay10736
Tony MillerTranquility10736
Ian LuckettBench10238
John ShuttleworthSeal Splash10039
Lucy FordStartpoint View9540