Creativity Project 2020/21

2020/21 Creativity Project - Natural Abstract


 Following on from our CITY project last year we have set another challenge to stimulate the brain cells and get our creative juices flowing, this one with an eye to our predicament in the present Covid situation, so this can be done in pretty much any location.

Indoors, outdoors, in your garden, on holiday (if you’re lucky enough to be getting away this year). In fact, the topic, Natural Abstract, can be achieved anywhere. It just takes some imagination.

Natural Abstract – Not Man Made

Abstract images can be beautiful patterns, weird and wonderful shapes, varied colours or anything that you think is abstract but they need to occur in nature and not use photographs of man-made things, that includes plane con-trails, brick patterns, shadows of fences etc.


The project is to create a cohesive set of between 3 and 5 pictures based on that theme.

Cohesive means they look good together and are not just random shots. How can they be made cohesive? Similar shapes, similar processing, similar objects, similar colours, similar angles, etc, etc.

There are lots of ways to make a cohesive set of pictures but it’s not something we do in our normal photography where the single shot is usually what we are trying to achieve, it may help to think of this challenge as in creating the panel for our annual panel competition. It will take some thought and that is what we are trying to stimulate in this latest project.

Also, there are limits for the final set, 3-5, no more than 5. The limit means you have to select your best pictures or the ones that work best together and one or two just won’t do.

You will find it hard to choose your best set, probably harder than choosing which pictures to put in for the Merit competitions but it is a good discipline to get into.


We aim to have a review of progress before Christmas and have allocated the evening of 25th Nov to look at what we have got, the more the merrier.

Let’s hope to see a good variety of abstract images.

Again, as last year, this is not a competition, join in and let's produce a very diverse set of images that we can then publish on our website.

Most importantly, have fun.


Russ Fowler

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