Competition Rules


Open to members only.
The photograph must be the author's own work
Only photographs taken in the two years prior to the competition date are eligible for entry to the competition. (except Merit and Annual Set Subjects - see below)
A given photograph can only be entered once in each type of competition.
Entries must be submitted one week prior to the competition. The JPS email will give details.

Prints must be mounted and titled on reverse (bottom left hand corner)
Maximum mounted size for prints is 40cm x 50cm (20" x 16")

Projected Images:
Projected Images must be resized to fit within 1920 x 1080 pixels. Note this means that a landscape format image has a maximum width of 1920 pixels and a portrait image has a maximum height of 1080 pixels.
Projected images should be in JPEG format, and set to sRGB colour space.
It is suggested that images falling outside of this aspect ratio are placed on a black background so they are presented in a neat way.
The image file should be titled as detailed on the entry form, but will usually be of the form TITLE - INITIALS - CATEGORY . JPG


The merit competition comprises three events during the season - the winner being the photographer with the highest aggregate score. The images will be judged by the members present and each will be marked out of 10. A member cannot mark their own entry.
There are three sections, each with their own awards: Prints, Projected Images, and Fun Set Subject.

Prints & Projected Images: Theme and Subject matter free choice at author's discretion.  Members may submit 2 entries in the Projected Images section

Fun Set Subject: Theme will be announced at the conclusion of the prior competition (or in week one for the first round) and notified by email.
Entries will be judged against this theme. Entries are only permitted if they are taken after the Theme announcement.
Members may submit one entry in this section.


There are two parts to the competition - Print and Projected mage. Each will be held on a separate night and will be judged by an external experienced judge. There are 4 subject categories in each:

Pictorial - a scenic image such as a landscape or creative image. Composite images may be entered, but the majority of the image composition must be the photographers own work.

Portrait - Restricted to human portraits

Flora and Fauna - A category for your wildlife, animal and flower images. Animals may be captive and normal digital image manipulation may be carried out on the images.

Set Subject - a specific subject decided each year at the AGM. Entries are only permitted if they are taken after the Theme announcement.

Members may submit up to 5 images across the Pictorial, Portrait and Flora & Fauna categories (e.g. 5 all in one section or 1 in each, etc). An additional 2 images may be entered into the Set Subject category.


This competition is for sets of three images, which together form a balanced and cohesive display. Themes are at the author's discretion. Panels can be sets of 3 prints, or 3 projected images, but not mixed. They will be displayed together and an external judge will decide the best overall entry.
Each member may enter up to 2 panels.

January 2021 Update:

While pandemic restrictions are in place, this competition will take DPI entries only. However members can submit unto two panels.

We are also trialling a new process for members to submit the display panel, as well as the individual images. So for EACH panel, members should submit:

  • JPG files for each of the 3 individual images, titled in the form
    PANEL TITLE - INITIALS - POSITION . JPG (where position is Left, Centre or Right).
  • JPG files for composite panel, with the 3 images laid out to the authors liking and choice of background colour. Key lines around each image are recommended. Titled in the form

All images submitted should fit within our usual 1920px x 1080px.


This annual competition is open to members who have never won a competition or section of a competition before the start of the current season. It will be judged in the same way as the merit competition with everyone except the author awarding each image a score out of 10.
Each eligible member may enter 4 projected images, on any subject, and the winner will be the member with the highest aggregate score.