2020/21 Results


2021 Newcomers Competition - Overall Results

AuthorTotal ScoreRank
Neil Sebright5601
Chris Simmonds5102
Jennifer Box5083
Martyn Blair5083
Penny Simpson5065
Steve Simmonds4916
Ian Luckett4857
Clive Marshall4738
Andy Naughton4469
Andy Austin44210

Newcomers Competition 2021 Detail Results

AuthorImageAdj TotalRank
Neil SebrightSplash n Dash1551
Martyn BlairQuiet Sunday morning1432
Neil SebrightEastnor Castle1403
Chris SimmondsI can see you1364
Neil SebrightDaddy's Girl1345
Jennifer BoxOut of the Mist1336
Penny SimpsonFarming life1336
Chris SimmondsCommon Frogs1328
Chris SimmondsSnoozing Tawny Owl1328
Penny SimpsonReflection1328
Neil SebrightMystique13111
Ian LuckettWhite out13012
Jennifer BoxFork to Fork13012
Andy NaughtonMilarrochy Bay, Loch Lomond12914
Martyn BlairLonely12815
Jennifer BoxAll in a Flap12616
Steve SimmondsBird on a Wire (Pied Wagtail)12616
Ian LuckettLone Lily12518
Clive MarshallThe travellers12419
Penny SimpsonDancing in red12419
Steve SimmondsDandelion Seeds12419
Andy AustinRoadkill12322
Clive MarshallStill got the blues12322
Steve SimmondsNuthatch12322
Martyn BlairRebel teenager12225
Clive MarshallSpirit of the woods12126
Andy AustinMisty Morning11927
Jennifer BoxStanding Out11927
Andy NaughtonCanal abstract11829
Steve SimmondsBubble Planet11829
Penny Simpsoncamel and eye of needle11731
Ian LuckettPackwood House11532
Ian LuckettMalham view11532
Martyn BlairMeeting place11532
Chris SimmondsCourtship Dance Great Crested Grebes11035
Clive Marshallpoint of view10536
Andy AustinCanal Basin10137
Andy NaughtonBanyan Tree, Jamaica10137
Andy AustinWinter's Day9939
Andy NaughtonHoly Spires9840


DPI Overall Results 2021

AuthorMerit 1Merit 2Merit 3Merit 4TotalRank
Phil Holroyd28532234235513041
Ester Riordan26830337433712822
Ray Allen26335033233312783
John Shuttleworth22531236231812174
Martyn Blair23429635331912025
Steve Simmonds25729333929511846
Allan Stewart23927432733511757
Tony Cartwright26027731231611658
Joost Lohman26131328729711589
Russ Fowler238298281324114110
Robert Watts207291302291109111
Stuart Morrison207278309271106512
Mike Forster243242300269105413
Linda Johnson196299281269104514
Penny Simpson029734430694715
Christine Simmonds245032234391016
Don Jennings199276292076717
Ian Luckett205261282074818
Jennifer Box0231030053119
Nick Archer2342970053119
Tony Miller00026926921
Stephen Champion25700025722

Set Subject Overall Results 2021

AuthorMerit 1Merit 2Merit 3Merit 4TotalRank
Russ Fowler1441501911956801
Ray Allen1711511681526422
Phil Holroyd1321811651546323
John Shuttleworth1371601541816323
Tony Cartwright1441321491876125
Steve Simmonds1311261811605986
Stuart Morrison1241541741405927
Martyn Blair1431441561455888
Robert Watts1471441401445759
Linda Johnson12213115314755310
Penny Simpson015119117651811
Joost Lohman12012314211750212
Christine Simmonds160019514550013
Mike Forster12811215310249514
Ian Luckett136143127040615
Ester Riordan142116138039616
Don Jennings128116137038117
Jennifer Box0139203034218
Clare Briggs0014915130019
Allan Stewart0147150029720
Nick Archer1381380027621
Steve Champion14500014522
Emre Goksu11700011723

2021 MERIT 1 DPI

AuthorImageAdj TotalRank
Phil Holroydborrowdale water mill1521
Ester RiordanMorning Mist at the Lake1442
Ray AllenFull moon over Godrevy lighthouse1423
Joost LohmanCorner Flats1404
Tony CartwrightOuch Ouch Ouch1375
Phil HolroydAshness Jetty1336
Steve SimmondsSelfie1327
Russ FowlerOur Windmill1327
Michael BlairI'll act natural for my pic1309
Stephen ChampionThat's My Boy12910
Stephen ChampionIts easier for a Camel...12811
Mike ForsterUnder the Bridge12811
Allan StewartMen verses machines12713
Steve SimmondsTime to Reflect12514
Nick ArcherPin and Hasp12514
Ester RiordanMata Hari12416
Christine SimmondsFemale Goshawk12317
Tony CartwrightWhat Lies Beneath12317
Christine SimmondsGreat Crested Grebe12219
Joost LohmanYellow Door12120
Ray AllenArdvreck Castle12120
John ShuttleworthHot & Dusty11622
Mike ForsterA Welsh lake11523
Allan StewartFrozen landscape11224
John ShuttleworthA Bit of Mending10925
Nick ArcherHuddled with Mum10925
Russ FowlerField Boundary10627
Robert WattsInner City campsite10627
Stuart MorrisonWork In Progress10529
Michael BlairOne of those good to be alive mornings10430
Ian LuckettAce10331
Stuart MorrisonLavender Fields10232
Ian LuckettWhite Feather10232
Robert WattsSunset 22Aug2010134
Don JenningsTake a Pew10134
Linda JohnsonFlamingo10134
Don JenningsTulip9837
Linda JohnsonPlaza Don Juan de Austria9538

2021 MERIT 2 DPI

AuthorImageAdj TotalRank
Ray AllenShallow waters1881
Russ FowlerReady To Burst1662
Robert WattsFront door1662
Joost LohmanDreigh Day in Brooklyn1644
Ray AllenEgret1625
John ShuttleworthFell Runner1616
Phil HolroydAutumn Leaves1616
Phil HolroydCappella degli Alpini1616
Penny SimpsonWho's a bright spark1609
Linda JohnsonReflected literally15510
Nick ArcherPatience15510
Ester RiordanChristmas is coming15412
Martyn BlairSocially distanced coffee15313
John ShuttleworthWavy Cut15114
Steve SimmondsOrchid Flowers15114
Ester Riordantwo men in a boat14916
Joost LohmanUneven Terrain14916
Don JenningsTop of the world14818
Allan StewartHideway14619
Stuart MorrisonSeaside Colour14520
Linda Johnsonin the spotlight14421
Martyn BlairTeenage dystopia14322
Nick ArcherForgotten Relative14223
Steve SimmondsOil on Water14223
Tony CartwrightMustang14025
Tony CartwrightBeauty and the Beast13726
Penny Simpsongoing round in circles13726
Ian LuckettMoody Silver Birches13328
Stuart MorrisonCoal Drops Yard13328
Mike ForsterOrange Morning13230
Russ FowlerBirch trees13230
Jennifer BoxThat will be the training gear on then12932
Allan StewartStretch12833
Don JenningsLynmouth view12833
Ian LuckettPumpkin Season12833
Robert WattsThe lighthouse12536
Mike ForsterTornado11037
Jennifer BoxYou called10238

2021 MERIT 3 DPI

AuthorImageAdj TotalRank
Ester RiordanFeeling Owl Pecked2051
Steve SimmondsLightbulb Moment1922
Phil HolroydAshness Bridge in Autumn1913
Martyn BlairAll dressed up1864
Allan StewartPaths of light1815
John ShuttleworthBlue and Gold Up Above1815
John ShuttleworthWeather Closing In1815
Tony CartwrightCley next the Sea1788
Christine SimmondsTufted Duck diving1779
Ray AllenStarling Murmuration17310
Penny SimpsonSimply stunning17310
Penny SimpsonBallet brilliance17112
Ester RiordanJanuary morning in the park16913
Martyn BlairI'm always there for you16714
Mike ForsterChesterton with great conjunction16415
Joost LohmanNodding off16016
Ray AllenWillow Leaves15917
Stuart MorrisonSand Storm15818
Robert WattsRed tulips15719
Linda JohnsonWinter at Stoneleigh Abbey15320
Ian LuckettJust waiting15320
Phil HolroydThree Trees Crummock sunset15122
Stuart MorrisonStarling15122
Don JenningsBicycle14824
Steve Simmondstraffic light peppers14725
Russ FowlerGive Me Food14626
Allan StewartIce patterns14626
Christine SimmondsA walk in the woods14528
Robert WattsReflected in art14528
Don JenningsAnother Lockdown14430
Mike ForsterAlmost in the clouds13631
Russ FowlerEnchanted Wood13532
Tony CartwrightTo Mother Cap13433
Ian LuckettWinter Bracken12934
Linda JohnsonIndustrial Landscape12835
Joost LohmanRadiant Roof12736

2021 MERIT 4 DPI

AuthorImageAdj TotalRank
Christine SimmondsSweet Chestnut1781
Phil HolroydMansty Mist1781
Allan StewartWeb lock1773
Phil HolroydAutumn at the Mill1773
Ray AllenLittle Grebe with catch1715
Ester RiordanFlying High1706
Russ FowlerAriel Ballet1697
Tony CartwrightSimple Soul1697
John ShuttleworthWind in Your Face1689
Ester RiordanEvening sunset over the water tower16710
Christine SimmondsMale Reed Bunting16511
Penny SimpsonTranquility16312
Martyn BlairAfon Teifi Sunset16213
Ray AllenWinter Woodland16213
Jennifer BoxGive us a twirl16015
Allan StewartWillows in the mist15816
Martyn BlairBoo boop de doop15717
Russ FowlerWinter Visitor15518
Clare BriggsFrozen Solid15219
John ShuttleworthRed Rucksack and Rock15020
Joost LohmanWhirl Wood15020
Steve SimmondsChrysanthemum15020
Robert WattsPink tulip14823
Joost LohmanSummer Stroll14724
Tony CartwrightThe Thames Awaits14724
Steve SimmondsTree fella14526
Linda Johnsonoceons in peril14427
Penny SimpsonTeach a man to fish and his wife will find peace14328
Robert WattsBrandon Marsh pool14328
Tony MillerTwins14230
Jennifer BoxWhere have all the flowers gone14031
Stuart MorrisonLazy Days14031
Mike ForsterSnowy pastures13533
Mike ForsterThe path to Spring13434
Clare BriggsSunlit Mushrooms13335
Stuart MorrisonIce Lantern13136
Tony MillerCoast12737
Linda JohnsonRICKSHAW RANK12538

2021 Merit 1 Set Subject

AuthorImageAdj TotalRank
Ray AllenFocus on the King1711
Chris SimmondsEyes on the prize1602
Robert WattsAnemone1473
Steve ChampionI'll see you at the End of the Bottle1454
Tony CartwrightRosewater1445
Russ FowlerPassion Flower1445
Martyn BlairLemme talk about those filthy pigeons1437
Ester RiordanFun gi1428
Nick ArcherTwo Spots1389
John ShuttleworthBirchwood13710
Ian LuckettChurchyard13611
Phil HolroydVerbenum13212
Steve SimmondsMissed Me13113
Don JenningsWooden Groynes12814
Mike ForsterFocus on the Red12814
Stuart MorrisonLockdown12416
Linda Johnsonbumblebee on sedum12217
Joost LohmanWounded Wood12018
Emre GoksuSolo11719

2021 Merit 2 Set Subject

AuthorImageAdj TotalRank
Phil HolroydAutumn in Buttermere1811
John ShuttleworthThe Fall1602
Stuart MorrisonAutumn Abstract1543
Penny SimpsonAutumn glory1514
Ray AllenAutumn Mist1514
Russ FowlerPixie Cup1506
Allan StewartAutumn fantasy1477
Martyn BlairAutumn arrivals1448
Robert WattsAutumn leaves1448
Ian LuckettAutumn at Padley Gorge14310
Jennifer BoxI'm sticking to you mate13911
Nick ArcherEarly Morning Run13812
Tony CartwrightAutumn on the Thames13213
Linda JohnsonDEFEATED IN BATTLE The Autumn Rut13114
Steve SimmondsLeaf Litter12615
Joost LohmanSeason’s Sunset12316
Don JenningsAutumn Rut11617
Ester RiordanAutumn Rays of Sun11617
Mike ForsterYellow Tree11219

2021 Merit 3 Set Subject

AuthorImageAdj TotalRank
Jennifer BoxNow thats a sugar rush2031
Christine Simmondsliquid1952
Russ FowlerFast Flyer1913
Penny SimpsonGiselle1913
Steve SimmondsTime & Motion1815
Stuart MorrisonCarousel1746
Ray AllenA461687
Phil HolroydDefender splash1658
Martyn BlairYour move1569
John ShuttleworthUp in the Sky15410
Linda JohnsonSHOW OFF15311
Mike ForsterFlying15311
Allan StewartThe Santa Flyer15013
Clare BriggsDylan W14914
Tony CartwrightThat'll be an A then14914
Joost LohmanLockdown In Motion14216
Robert WattsStop that truck14017
Ester RiordanSwooping In13818
Don JenningsM6 at Dusk13719
Ian LuckettAcross the path12720

2021 Merit 4 Set Subject

AuthorImageAdj TotalRank
Russ FowlerSpring Shower1951
Tony CartwrightWet Worcester1872
John ShuttleworthH2O1813
Penny SimpsonThe Mermaids Catch1764
Steve SimmondsWatery Reflections1605
Tony MillerDrip Drop1576
Phil HolroydRelax1547
Ray AllenWashing the Peppers1528
Clare BriggsBootiful Waterfall1519
Linda Johnsonwater droplets14710
Martyn BlairCold feet14511
Christine SimmondsTea for Two14511
Robert WattsWater abstract14413
Stuart MorrisonDrowning Leaf14014
Joost LohmanHappy Birthday twice11715
Mike ForsterFrozen10216


Overall Winner: "Ashness Sunset" by Phil Holroyd

Phil HolroydAshness Sunset1st
Ray AllenAutumn Triptych2nd
Tony CartwrightGuitar Man3rd
John ShuttleworthOctober LeavesHighly Commended
Joost LohmanThe Hidden Colours of StoneCommended
Phil HolroydHidden Mill1st
Ester RiordanFeeling Owl PeckedRunner-up
Phil Holroyd
Hidden Mill1st
Tony CartwrightWet Worcester2nd
Doug WatsonRoyal Natasha1st
Tony CartwrightGuitar Man2nd
Ester RiordanFeeling Owl Pecked1st
Neil SebrightSweet Dreams2nd
Tony CartwrightOld School1st
Penny SimpsonThe World in Gear2nd

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Full Results


JPS Photographer of the Year Rankings are based on a points scoring process accumulated from all our internal competitions as follows:


DPI:     First: 5 points, Second: 4 points, Third: 3 points, Fourth: 2 points, & Fifth : 1 point.

SET SUBJECT:     First: 3 points, Second: 2 points, Third: 1 point


Winners in each section: First: 3 points, Second: 2 points, & Third: 1 point, plus bonus of 3 points for overall winners.


Winners in each section: First: 3 points, Second: 2 points, & Third: 1 point, plus bonus of 3 points for overall winners.


Phil Holroyd27
Ester Riordan16
Ray Allen14
Tony Cartwright11
John Shuttleworth9
Christine Simmonds8
Penny Simpson5
Joost Lohman5
Russ Fowler4
Martyn Blair3
Jennifer Box3
Doug Watson3
Allan Stewart2
Neil Sebright2
Robert Watts1
Stuart Morrison1
Steve Simmonds0
Mike Forster0
Linda Johnson0
Don Jennings0


Results of external Competitions will appear here.