Tips & Techniques

Here you will find some of the more commonly requested help techniques in camera craft, and post processing using Lightroom or Photoshop. Do let us know if you would like a specific technique adding.

Wondering how to save money while getting started with photography? The tips and tricks here can help: This is a beginner’s guide to photography aimed at bringing novices to a higher level without breaking the bank.


Whilst many of us began by using the pre‐set modes or fully automatic mode when we first began to learn photography, the true power of the camera comes from the use of the creative modes.

This guide will give you a quick overview and reference of the creative modes and when you may want to use them.

Achieving a state of Flow

Maintaining a constant train of effortful thought requires discipline and mental work. When the brain is overloaded, conflicting and confusing information leads to a block in creativity.

A thoughtful discussion by Jane Goodall.

Deception in landscape photography.

Being sensitive to the qualities of an image that are lost or transformed by conversion to a flat plane will enable a photographer to engage more fully during the image making process and make more powerful images.

A discussion on lighting & composition in Landscape photography by Jane Goodall.


How to mix flash with ambient light to produce beautiful, natural looking portraits. A video produced by The Flash Centre.

How to export images from Lightroom in JPG format
Easily darken skies with the "virtual" Graduated Neutral Density Filter
Setting White Balance by Eye
Resizing Images for Competitions


How to use Levels - Part One
How to use Levels - Part Two
How to Crop your Images
How to Resize your Images
How to Back Up your Images
How to use Quick Mask
How to Customise Quick Mask
Image Resizing for Competitions

If you are a busy Photoshop or Lightroom user then the following might be helpful. A comprehensive set of keyboard shortcuts, provided for us by can be viewed or downloaded below.