Best of Four 2019

The Best of Four Competition is a new light-hearted challenge developed jointly by Corley & Fillongley Photographic Club, and Jaguar P S.

Twelve subject themes were chosen and each club had to enter two photographs in each section. The photos had to have been taken in the short period between announcement and submission date. For this first event, the categories were:

Textures, Street Life, People at Work, Movement, Metallic, Light/Dark, Joy, In Detail, Hedgerows, Glass, Front Doors, and Decay.

Each image was awarded points by the judge - 4 points for best down to 1 point for fourth place. The club with the most points was the winner.

You can see the images, comments and scoring produced by the judge, Sharon Lyttle, in the slideshow below. It's quite a large file so please be patient if it doesn't open immediately.