JPS Lockdown Challenge Two

Lockdown Challenge Two: "SPRINGTIME"

On this page you can see all the images entered in this Challenge, together with comments submitted by Members as part of the voting process.

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Dandelions:  A nice idea but this doesn't fit quite right in the frame for me. May benefit from a slightly wider crop A lovely idea. good focus Nice idea showing 3 stages together - a panel in one frame! Must have been hard to find! Only suggestion would have preferred more stalk and less space at top? Nice idea using succession from flower to seed. Subjects in focus and nicely blurred background, and I like green and yellow working together. Pictorially doesn't quite have enough impact for me, maybe it's the dead flower that spoils it? A triptych in one photograph. Miraculous how three dandelions at very different stages of their life cycle lined up so neatly to have their photograph taken. Good sharpness where it matters and a nice background isolation.

Bluebell Blur: A nice motion blur image. Nice use of ICM, I do find the curves at the front rhs a bit distracting A bit busy for me, I like the feeling the movement gives - makes it more impressionist. On the other hand it leaves it without a point of interest - maybe the bluebell colour could have bee strengthened? A good balance between foreground and background. I like many ICM shots, but this one doesn't work for me. Colours perhaps a little flat, and subject a little lost. Woodland photography on a bright day can pose a serious contrast problem. But here it is well controlled, partly maybe helped by the ICM blurring effect.


Bluebells with Grass: This works well as a square format image. The balance is good. It's just a shame that the bottom flower is slightly out of focus. Nice macro of the bluebell, I like the way the grass stem almost meets the flower, might be too much light on the subject. lovely focus on the blue bell, could have done with nipping out the grass as it spoils the composition. Very nice simple compostiion with the bluebell sitting over the only brighter area of the muted background. Lovely shape of the stem - would I have held the second stalk out of the way for the photo - maybe? A good bluebell shot capturing colour and form. Well saturated and nicely blurred background. A lack of sharpness on the lowest bell detracts slightly, and the green leaf intrudes on the composition, to my eye.

Bright as Daisies: This image was well seen and well taken. I like the contrast between the white flowers and the green grass. It's nice and shape and the whites have been well held. Good DOF throughout and also nice spacing around the flowers with none half in/out. lovely smiling daisys and good focus. composition could have been improved. I worked around staring bathe ground for ages, but couldn't find a nice composition like this - definitely springtime . A cheerful scene with a playful composition. Spread the rug and unpack the picnic... Oh no, sorry, not now!

Bursting to Get Out: like the composition, focus and depth of field. Very clever composition - like the way stalks 2 and 3 are out of focus, just showing their presence rather than showing any detail. Square works well - nicely thought out. A simple and well captured shot. Nice colour balance, with well saturated purples. Perhaps a little more detail such as an opened flower would have lifted the interest of the image, but that wasn't the intention of the shot I realise. A well developed bud, detailed and sharp, in the foreground and two more specimens, apparently already burst into bloom, in the blurred background creates a pleasing image.

Confetti: The background on this image is a bit too busy for me. The subject is nice and sharp. I like the subtlety of this shot, but on my screen at least it looks like it could be elevated by making it brighter. Nicely composed and well focused. Muted colours and soft focus of the background could work well, but the overall effect is rather flat. Needs whiter whites maybe? The tenderness of the blossom is well depicted by the small tonal range and the pastel colour palette. I would have liked a bit more brightness.

Gosling: A fun picture. I'll not sure if it wouldn't have been improved by showing more of the duckling in the background? I would look to remove the blade of grass from across the eye lovely little gosling, good focus, shame we couldn't see his face. Ah - gets the cute vote. Just a tiny shame the plane of focus is marginally in front of the bird. Cute, and spring-timey. Maybe lose the half duckling in the background (but I guess he wasn't listening to you shouting to get out to the way)? Captured in fine detail an endearing image of a fluffy little bird, already having to forage for its own food.

Green Leaves: A good composition with nice leading lines. I like the shadows on the path. I think a judge would say it needs a person on the path as a focal point. like the composition, like the shadows and leading lines. Pathways leading into distance and arching foliage overhead are always attractive. Good shadow shapes too. But it's begging for someone or something further down the path to be the focal point. A nice spring time leafy path, leading into the distance. Sun and shade captured well. The shadows add interest. Exposure and colour well handled. The strong side light makes this picture. From the contrast on the trees to the shadows of the fence on the path. And fresh spring green everywhere coming together in the glowing focal point at the end of the path.

Honeysuckle: nice honeysuckle, shame the background is so busy. Great nicely saturated colours - reds with greens always winners - and the reds have not blown out which is always a risk. A pleasing and colourful shot. Nicely composed and well focused. Doesn't shout to me of springtime but a good image. Great detail and beautiful colours. The brighter red, white, and yellow flowers on a green background half framing the single red one against dark trees with splashes of blue. Well seen.

Ready to Blow: A really like the view point with the flower stem leading you up into the picture. The flower is nice and shape and the whites have been well handled. Nice alternative angle for this one, works well making the seed head look imposing. Works well with the cloud above. nice idea, would have stood out more with a blue background. Unusual shot of a dandelion head, standing out well against a rather cloudy sky. Low angle works well, and the grass stops the bottom off well. Although this works well, there is something unusual about the lighting of the stem that confuses my eye somehow. The stark lighting from below makes this dandelion stand out strongly against the dark sky. An unusual but effective perspective.

Bee Blossom: Of the two images of white blossom, this works best for me with contrast of the background. Plus the bee adds a focal point. pretty blossom, not sure if its in focus. composition could do with some more thought. Lovely foliage with sufficient sharpness and nice soft lighting. Bee provides good focal point at or near the thirds Some attractive May blossom with a bee thrown in for good measure. Well focused and exposure handled well, with no blown highlights. The dark top left and bottom right corners don't help the composition unfortunately. Might have been tempted to get closer or crop, to make the bee more prominant? The dark insect stands out clearly agains the white of the blossom. Sharpness where it matters and a composition that tells the story of a bee's working day.

Bluebell at Sunset: Nicely taken and nicely framed. Good detail of the flowers my only concern is the central stalk directly behind the subject. nice bluebell, background a bit busy. Colours and lighting very nice, and the basic composition, but maybe there are a few too many distractions in the background? A good bluebell shot, but lacks impact. Maybe could have chosen a flower where all the bells had come out. The unopened flowers have got a bit lost. The evening light helps to create a warm orange and green background against which the purple hues of the bluebell stand off effectively. Good use of depth of field.

Spring Weather: nice spring flowers. Ha ha - Spring indeed! A nicely captured shot of rather untypical (for 2020) spring weather. I like the subdued tones and balance in the compostion, with yellow flowers lifting the colour pallete enough to save the picture from being too dark. Can't work out if the rain is real or added in post-processing, but it look wet.

Buttercups and May: Again good contrast between the flowers and the grass. A nice recession view with good cloud detail. like the thirds with the sky. nice bright colour. composition could do with some more thought. If in doubt get down and dirty! Great low viewpoint dramatises what could otherwise have been a boring image. But the low viewpoint makes the buttercups really strong, and they have been carefully placed against the background and sky very well. The composition of yellow flowers draw the eye towards the horizon and the blue sky. Spring is definitely starting to turn into summer.

Promise of Fruit to Come: One of my favourites. I like the light on this image and the colours. My only criticism would be to have the subject a bit lower in the frame. like the composition. good subject. lovely colours and nice lighting. Beautiful image - nicely framed and vignetted to good effect. Great colours and subject choice. Beautifully captured apple blossom. Lovely lighting and well focused. The pink and green work well together. I might have been tempted to position the subject slightly lower in the frame, or bring up the brightness of the left most terminal leaf to break into the black space on the left a little. As it is the blossom is a little too far out, leaving the frame off balance, to my eye. A good close-up shot of a small cluster of blossom. The lighting is very effective, emphasised by the relatively strong and unusually placed vignette,

Spring on Time: Clever take on the theme, may benefit from a more diffused light. novel subject. good composition. good lighting. Well executed, humorous image - perfectly titled. Love the creativity and thought behind the image. A cheeky bit of fun - misappropriating the subject - but then, maybe not. Nicely lit studio shot with good detail, and focus through most of the subject. A well composed macro shot, well lit and with great colours. An unexpected interpretation of the brief.

Spring Dew on a Gerbera:   Bright oranges against a background in yellows. Maybe not a colour combination that occurs naturally but definitely striking in this minimalist composition. The water droplets add some playful sparkle. Would like to have seen a greater colour mix in the background. A nice still life with good level of detail on the "dew". Well lit. Exposure and focus handled well. I like the orange flower, but the yellow challenges my eye, even though I'm a fan of colour. I do like the way that the background shines behind the edges of the flower though. Love the simplicity of this shot - studio presumably - good colour choices and droplets finish it off well. Would I have cropped just a tiny bit off the Left and Right? pretty colour. could have been improved by offsetting the subject. not sure if its in focus.

Spring Timepiece:   Essentially the beating heart of a watch, the escapement is essential for the accurate movement of the mechanism. This macroshot shows off all detail well and the direction of the light gives it drama. Another cheeky take on spring time. Although the subject is well captured it doesn't hold my interest, and is not as visually attractive as some time piece mechanisms. Nice in B&W