JPS Lockdown Challenge Three

Lockdown Challenge Three: "REFLECTIONS"

On this page you can see all the images entered in this Challenge, together with comments submitted by Members as part of the voting process.

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Cranes: Interesting treatment certainly makes for a different shot, but not sure if this detracts from the reflection.Like the abstract treatment.A creative, abstract treatment of the subject, with the reflection clearly captured and forming a strong component of the image. Might have helped to have some darker tones at the bottom of the frame, as it is a little "top heavy", but an effective shot nonetheless.Rather different approach to all the rest - gives immediate impact, but then maybe not enough strong detail interest to satisfy afterwards.A very different experimental treatment to this image, bit of a marmite picture. Nice verticals and good reflections with strong shapes.Interesting image with a very graphic treatment.

Over and Under: Good shot but perhaps might be improved by giving the bridge a little more breathing space at the ends. Would be better without the blue sign and the houses at the back, but that's the way it was!May be interesting to see this image in Black and White.A pleasing, symmetrical image, with the reflection combining well with the bridge to create a focus for the shot. Subject doesn't quite have the impact to make the shot stand out, but an interesting capture.Reflections in water often by nature lead to vertical symmetry. The additional horizontal symmetry in this photograph provides a compelling composition. Well seen.Nice simple image, well framed. Perhaps some work on bottom half to give more punch would have given more balance top to bottom.Nicely centred and symmetrical, I find my eyes continually drawn to the white bridge bits, possibly consider toning them down a bit and bring up the shadows to leave some info in the bridge ends.A nice reflection image. It's a shame the water wasn't completely still which would have made the reflection clearer. I'm also distracted by the white lettering on blue banner. I think it needs darkening slightly.


Quiet Reflections: Again, B & W may have been an interesting option.Nice reflection of the curved neck of the swan and its body. Muted (swan) tones combined with lack of lighting on the swans white feathers mean that the subject of the image doesn't quite have the edge to stand out, but I like the calm reflections on the water, where the exposure works well.The posture of the swan gives a double meaning to the title of tis picture. The dominant hues are yellow-green and they reflect back onto the white plumage. Would some local colour adjustment make the swan look more pristine white and stand out even better? A nice detail is provided by the drops of water falling off its beak, creating little rings in the water.Very nice, lots of detail in the feathers, good reflection with the water drip adding some interest.I like the colours and the composition of this image, plus there are no blown-out whites in the feathers! A nice image.

Canalside Upside Downside???: Not convinced about the orientation of the image, either the original or this image.A clever and unusual shot - clever in the 90 degree rotation creates an illusion and a challenge to the viewer (what is it? ah its a canal mooring). Interesting shapes, textures and (rotated) reflection.A very nice canalside reflection shot lifted to a new level by the original presentation. The result is a pleasing near abstract image. A great composition in beautiful muted colours.Pleasant abstract by rotating image - not sure if I would have preferred it right way up. Nice colour range.A clever image, the author has decided to turn the image 90 to the left to create a very graphic image.

Stalag Warwick: l like the idea of this looking a bit like a prisoner of war camp - just feel the vignetting top and bottom has been a little over-doneThe shot is a bit too busy and cluttered for me, and the lighting and contrast a little flat. A closer shot, or crop, to focus on maybe the key elements would have worked better. Some interesting reflections, particularly from the trees and netting. Nearly perfectly still water makes this reflection very stark. The B&W treatment in combination with the dark sky and together with the netting over the enclosure creates a sense of menace, implied in the title.Very clear, crisp image, excellent in B&W. The vignette is a bit hard in the sky for me and there is some ghosting around the right hand lamp post which I find distracting.I like the mono treatment but I think it requires a tighter crop. I think if you pull in from each side to just show the mesh structure it would be a much stronger image.

Water Feature: Afraid this doesn't work for me at allThe gurgling water spout is a bit lost in the dark background. If the reflections were brighter and sharper this would have helped. A nice idea, but it doesn't quite work. The specular reflections in this image give sparkle to the water flowing over the stone. The low key treatment enhances this effect.Dark, moody image with specular reflections - although not quite what I expected for this topic.Nice and moody picture but I find it hard to make out a reflection.

Cornered: Good symmetry in a well seen shot - most people wouldn't have even considered this.An interesting and effective image. Symmetry and geometry combine well in this black and white shot. The reflections are a strong component of the image.Carefully produced graphic image - works well as reflection, but maybe not quite exciting enough.Good in B&W, slightly too white in the window surrounds for me. Hard to take corner shots without the angles all falling in, well done.Another well spotted image. I do like the mono treatment.

Suit You: Intriguing shot - like thisAn interesting and bold composition, with strong colours and nice symmetry. The suits are the main subject, with the backdrop grabbing a lot of the attention. Unfortunately the reflections are not a strong element of the shot.A shop window? A very clever display, well photographed and with plenty reflections wherever you look. The rigorous symmetry and the well balanced colours make this image.Fun shot with nice colours and graphic elements. Juts a tiny bit of correction/crop could have made the "background" completely symmetrical.Good repeat of patterns and good symmetry, on first glance the many reflections are not obvious to me but come through the more you look. I find the people reflections a bit messy.Took me a while to work this one out, I'm assuming it's shop window? Interesting!

Cone: Rather gloomy image - doesn't work for me.A creative, abstract treatment of the subject, with the reflection clearly captured and forming a strong component of the image. Might have helped to have some darker tones at the bottom of the frame, as it is a little "top heavy", but an effective shot nonetheless.From its reflection, this cone appears to be floating in the air. Or is it supported by something like a post? Only the author will know because he hid the answer in darkness. Darkness that is dominant in the whole picture, adding to the sense of mystery.A bit of a brain-teaser this one. Shame the lighting was so flat, but you do find yourself looking at it for some while!Sorry this doesn't really work for me, I find it a bit flat and out of balance.

Wine Glass Reflection: Nice shot of a tricky subject using what appears to be natural light.A nice table-top shot of a glass, with the reflective areas at the top of the glass sharp and well exposed. I am not sure about the yellow cast to some of the reflected light, since it destroys the symmetry somehow.In this view from above the reflection itself does not provide symmetry. But a symmetric picture it is! A well executed close-up shot, beautifully lit and very clean.Simple but effective shot with good impact. Could it have been even better using focus stacking to get more sharpness down the whole image - its quite tall and the primary interest is right at the top ?Is this a reflection of the window or a reflection of a glass in a mirror, or both, I find my eyes drawn to the right hand corner reflection of the coloured window, leaving the left hand side empty and I feel it a bit unbalanced. B&W might work or some extra detail on the LH side.