JPS Lockdown Challenge One

Lockdown Challenge One: "SHAPES"

On this page you can see all the images entered in this Challenge, together with comments submitted by Members as part of the voting process.

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Curves Galore

Very inventive.Well controlled movement of the water and good range of tones. The dark shapes in the centre, separating two bright areas, acts like a bridge. Would it feel more balanced if the area to the left of it would have been a bit darker? Overal, very nice flowing lines and beautiful colours.Lovely colours and swirls - quite restful as an image. Perhaps more abstract than shapesInteresting flow patterns, ripples and reflections. Highlights not blown an detail on the shadow. Struggling to think of it as shapes.

Eye Test

Good adherence to the subject with the large geometric shapes of the building and the sky and the repetition of the deminishing shapes of the vertical structural elements. The lamppost and its shadow add further shapes and interest. The photo could possibly be made a bit cleaner by cropping away the tree on the right. A great minimalist architectural shot. Stark simplicity is appealing, receding repetition is effective. White on saturated blue gives strong contrast.


Fan Shape

Simplicity at its best. Lovely colours and great subtlety in the limited range of tones. The shapes themselves are arranged perfectly symmetrically but the symmetry is broken by the blue colours at the top left which add interest and depth to the image. Nice deliberately simple image - symmetrical and aligned. Perhaps could do with some more contrasty lighting - or more punch in post processing. Interesting idea, clean and simple, but doesn't quite work as fan.


Colourful building from an unusual angle. Well spotted. An exciting point of view to look up at this interesting building. There are quite a few shapes in the building itself but there isn't an obvious one that takes centre stage. However, the overal shapes of the facade and the sky give a pleasing balance to the photo which is supported well by the red and blue colours. Subtle, muted colours work really well together with framing, to show off this architectural shape - which does seem to be suspended from the sky.

Glove Kaleidoscope

Not sure about shapes, they are just a collection of gloves. Photography can be quite a messy business but, at least, the photographer seems to have kept his hands clean in this playful array of different coloured and differently soiled gloves. The palette of colours adds to the sense of grubbiness. Fun image - nicely laid out - we could debate for hours if each glove is in the right position - but overall has a nice feel to it and fits the brief An inventive composition, with whatever "CAME TO HAND", during lockdown.

Natural Shape

Unusual tree shape. Well spotted. A woodland setting is not well known for finding simple shapes without surrounding clutter but this author managed very well. One could be fooled into thinking it isn't a tree at all! I'm strangely drawn to this image - lovely subtle lighting and tones, well seen and cropped. Highlights emphasise the natural form, and there's enough detail in the shadows Certainly a natural shape. Would have benefited from a a bit more light and contrast, to bring out the shape (as well as textures).

Pear Shape

Nice selection. Not sure about the ghostly shadows though. This still life has definitely not gone pear shaped! The three pears have been arranged nicely and lit well with clear shadows that are not too deep to become distracting. It's intriguing that only one of the three appears to be an actual pear. Nice idea, but maybe the lighting is a bit flat. Well laid out, although I'd be tempted to shift the lower pear round a bit! Good creative use of the ordinary. I like the idea, mixing wood turned and real fruit. Lighting is a little bit too flat to see the woodgrain and textures on the fruit to best effect.


Nice, simple and colourful picture. The most interesting shapes in this photograph are made by the shadow inside the dish, complemented by the shadow onto the grass next to it. Would the latter have been simpler and sharper on a different background? The three M&Ms add some interest and give a humorous link to digital photography technique. Multiple shapes in this one - strong lighting and colours. Good idea, but maybe a bit of simplification would make it stronger - no grass for example

Round Shape

Round is indeed the dominant shape here but the intricate pattern of shapes in the lamp shade, complemented by the shapes in the ceiling decorations make this shot. Maybe a slightly wider crop would give a bit more breathing space overall. But then, if you were already lying flat on your back on the floor.... The fact that the photo was not taken exactly straight on matches the distribution of light and works well. It pays off to look up! If in doubt - look up! Nice observation with the plasterwork mirroring the lamp shapes. Would have been tempted to get directly underneath and really go for the complete symmetry. Fits the brief. Certainly a lot of shapes going on here, and the lighting is effective to show the relief.

Shapes in the Shadows

A bit too vivid colours for my taste. Difficult to see the shapes. It is not quite clear what we are looking at and how the shadow shapes are cast. But does it matter? Not at all! What we have is an interesting abstract arrangement of shapes in beautiful colours. The textures bring the image further to life. Wow - strong use of colours - very unique! Not quite sure what we are looking at, so maybe tending to abstract rather than shapes, but a fun image. I like the intense, saturated colours. Also the mystery of it - I'm not really sure I've figured what it is. The shapes are almost secondary.

JPS lockdown challenge Shapes

Squares and Circles

Good simple picture that fits the bill. Again, well spotted. Beautifully crafted image - laid out nicely on complementary background and key line. Very well seen shadows - definitely fits the brief. Simple and effective, well exposed. The shadow circles were well seen, feeding off the linear squares of the ladder. I also like the detail of the rusty rivets, and subtle rectangles of the steel plates.

Sunshine Shapes

Nice simple picture. Leaves are always interesting and the subject of many pictures, photographs, paintings and drawings alike. Not in isolation it can be difficult to bring out their shapes and the idea of doing this through their shadows is clever. I feel we only need a few branches with leaves to put the shadow patterns into context and a much tighter crop towards the left half of the image might help to focus the attention on the latter. But in any case, a great idea, executed well. Very much like the shadows on the tree - they are really the main focus of this image, given the brief. I probably would have cropped off most of the leaves on right to emphasise the shadows more.

Three Shapes

Well thought out combination of shapes, simple and well lit. The combination of the material of the cookie cutters and their lighting brings out their shapes very clearly. And this is strongly emphasised by their concentric arrangement and also by the slightly diffuse shadow shape. This is essentially a monochrome photograph; would pure black&white enhance it? Maybe, but in any shade of colour this is a great close-up shot. Good creativity to produce a pleasant image out of the ordinary. Well laid out, but perhaps needs some stronger lighting I quite like the composition, with hard, shiny metal shapes on soft textile. Perhaps a little more detail in the shadows would have helped.

Shapes within Shapes

A complicated picture, with lots to take in. Using one colour makes it harder to make out some of the shapes. A well balanced composition of glass shapes, two colourless objects flanked by orange-brown spheres. Various reflections do, as the title suggests, add further shapes, most notably in the rightmost sphere. The reflected highlights are kept well under control, adding sparkle to the scene. And the warm colours create an atmosphere of opulence. A beautiful still-life image. Wow - full of impact and colour, and definitely shapes, but maybe would have been stronger with fewer items in the picture. Great idea Classy. Spot on focus (front to back) and exposure (not blown highlights or blocked shadows). Rich colours. well captured, but unfortunately the subject doesn't do anything for me.

Window & Lamp Post

A simple picture, which a combines well defined shapes with contrasting colours. Lovely simplicity and perfectly laid out. Not fan of the colours though, and maybe it could have had a bit more "clarity"? Simple and effective. Subtle, unusual colour combination.

Two Shapes

Another simple picture, which just pips the last one as my winner. Two contrasting shapes well lit on a plain background. In terms of material choice a similar picture as the cookie cutters earlier in this competition. But here, the arrangement of the two different shapes creates a third shape: Was this taken on an iPhone? The overall atmosphere is intriguing, slightly threatening even, with the poisonous green colour of the metal. Another great close-up photograph. Very well laid out still life image. I like the way the object(s) is slightly off to right, balanced by a pool of light to the left. Very simple which gives it strength. Again, simple and effective. Perhaps a little too low key - the shine on the metal doesn't stand out. Nice idea though.