JPS Lockdown Challenge Four

Lockdown Challenge Four: "CONCRETE"

On this page you can see all the images entered in this Challenge, together with comments submitted by Members as part of the voting process.

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3 CBs and a BB : Well exposed night time shot with a striking composition. The concrete blocks are strong and heavy in the image; definitely fulfils the brief. I like the bold visual elements of this night scene, with its receding concrete grey cubes dominating the image, sitting on dark paving slabs. Your eye then moves to the zebra crossing pole with its orange globe, and a cloud of street light-lit cloud of trees. Well composed and well exposed, with post-processing giving it a punch. I like the bottom half but find the top half too heavy - but if you cropped the top half off you'd lose the BB!,Like the composition, but not sure about the treatment - perhaps better in black and white? Treatment is a little too dark for my liking but I suspect this is to highlight the concrete blocks. Nice experimental use of a technique, makes for a very stark, poster style image which will be a matter of personal taste. I keep finding my eyes drawn to the beacon in the centre and not the three concrete squares. Good strong image focusing on the 3 blocks and the background adds to the story but does not dominate the image.

JPS Lockdown Challenge Concrete

Amphitheatre 2020: A nicely balanced, symmetrical abstract shot. The contrasting tones of the concrete and brick work well. ,Good graphic image, but feels a bit top heavy - crop some off the bottom maybe, or burn it in? Lighten shadows a bit too on LHS. Nice symmetry and composition. A good symmetrical image, I like the dark to light across the image. Nice symmetry and good control of horizontal lines. Nice angle for this shot with the steps leading out at the top. Well constructed image like the simplicity


Chess Board: Well-seen close up of this concrete street furniture. Maybe lacking a bit of contrast? Good selection of focus and skilful handling of depth of field draws the attention to the chess board. An interesting shot dominated by the black and white of an outdoor chess table? The background nicely blurred, adding colour that contrsts with the main subject. I might have been tempted to poistion the table a little lower to avoid the blank space at bottom right, although as it is the symetry does add to the composition. I like the chequered pattern but find the back ground a little distracting. I wonder if it might have been better if the shot had been taken from a slightly higher position with more done to blur the background.,Strange image but quite compelling. Shallow depth of field seems to add to mystery. Good idea but I don’t think this quite works. It looks a bit dark and I feel requires a tighter crop. Doesn't scream concrete to me with a lot of distraction in the background, especially the white column. A higher viewpoint may have worked better and I also wonder if the point of focus should be the front edge and not the second row of squares. Good idea but feel the background is distracting

JPS Lockdown Challenge Concrete

Concrete and Colour:  A bold and colourful shot with striking angles and good saturation. I particularly like the complementary blue and yellow. Not sure about the red block peeping in at the bottom, but can't see how the shot could have avoided it. I very much like the abstract nature of this shot and the treatment it's been given to achieve the colours (least I think this is what's happened!),Great strong colours and lighting, but not much to feast the eyes on. Shame red area wasn't a bit larger. Good observation. A good abstract image with strong colours. I wonder if a square crop would improve the affect. Love the colours, hard edges and minimal look of this picture. I would like to make the shadow on the lhs darker to get another distinct angle in the mix. Simple but very effective, good light and shadows

Concrete building:  A "looking-up" architectural photograph with a well placed lamp-post to give some interest to the symmetrical facade. Overall the image seems a bit dark but this emphasises the dull concrete material of the cladding. A striking architectural take of concrete fashioned into bold lines and rectangles, converging as they rise above the ground. Although the lamp post adds interest it tends to throw the shot ut of balance a little. ,A bit too dismal as a standalone image, but could be great as part of a series, telling a story. Shame about the street light which I feel distracts slightly. However, well centered. Good example of a concrete building but I am distracted by the lamp post and its shadow so possible a tighter crop or alternate viewpoint may have worked? Nice in B&W.

Concrete Corrosion: Concrete dies a very slow death and when it does it looks very sad. And the dereliction is well depicted in this image. The muted tones of the steps support the mood well, particularly when contrasted with the bright blue of the railing. I like the "ugliness" of this shot, dominated by the decaying concrete stairway, with its cracks and rust and worn red paint. The blue painted steel railing adds another dimension. The only thing that spoils it for me is the dark triangle bottom left, and I might have tried to reduce the impact of that by including more stairway and railing. ,Lighting a bit flat, and it's the blue metalwork that grabs the attention. Maybe a different angle could have helped tell the story. I can see what the author saw in this image but for me it hasn’t worked. I think more could have been made of the corrosion. It all just looks a bit flat. Good detail of corroded concrete, I find the blue very dominant in the picture which is the steel handrail so for me I am not sure what the focus of the picture is visually. Like the symmetry and the way the steps are placed within the image

Decommissioned: The compression caused by the long shooting distance with a telephoto lens creates a minimalist image where all we can see is concrete. The rusty tones place this firmly in a bleak industrial landscape. Good textures and colours,Nice and simple, although it could do with something to show scale - a bird or something? Nice surface colours and texture. For me another good abstract image. I do like the composition and the colour tones. Works very well as a detail of concrete, the colours blend nicely, the angle is a nice contrast across the picture and the closer crop works well to fit the brief. The tones are beautifully captured

Follow the path: Who'd have guessed a concrete path can lead you straight to an abundance of flora and fauna? Well spotted! A colourful brick wall art shot, with a concrete ramp. The concrete doesn't quite compete with the painted bricks. ,I wonder if black and white, and a bit of judicious dodging and burning could have helped focus on "the path" as it leads into the mural - it's the artwork that grabs the attention. A well seen image. I think this could be improved with a much tighter crop. I would crop it just above the picture making more of a letterbox format. The dominant thing for me in the picture is the wall mural, which is on brick and wood, the concrete is in the path, hence the title I guess. I would want the concrete to be more prominent in the picture so a crop around the doors and the path may work. The wall paintings are beautiful but distracts from the subject matter of concrete

Staircase: A shot completely filled with concrete showing some great flowing lines. The actual staircase breaks the curves of the structure in a pleasant way. The letterbox format appears ideal for this cleverly cropped image. A well composed shot of stepped concrete slabs, dominated by the curves they form. Interesting shadows and texture. The light across the shot well balanced. , Definitely concrete! A nicely composed image. Shows the use of concrete in good detail, nice control of the horizontal lines. The darker corners help to focus the eye and keep them in the picture. Good symmetry nice use of light and shade

Textures: The grittiness of the concrete is well pictured in this minimalist geometric B&W image. Not pretty but very effective to show the ugliness of concrete. Striking geometrical shapes formed by a concrete structure, with texture and light well displayed. The dominant black negative space doesn't work for me sadly. I like the textures but can't quite decide if the 'negative space' of the black bottom left corner is too much.,Nice and gritty, and good composition, but the black shadow area needs some detail for this to work well. A good mono abstract image with strong shapes and texture. Simple but impactful, good use of light

The Seats: The large concrete bench in the foreground dominates this picture, emphasised by the repeats of the pattern vanishing into the distance. Looks great in Black and White. An interesting concrete "art form" given the black and white treatment. The textures of the concrete and the slabs on which it stands work well. Might have benefited from a little more contrast. Good low angle and leading line. I think I would have cropped the top half of the image off so that the image really concentrated on the seats., Would have been interesting to have cropped the streetlights out! A well seen image. I like the low angle and leading lines. Also works well in B&W. Nice use of B&W, the bench being made the obvious point of the picture with the narrow DOF and low angle. For me the heavy use of haze and/or blur at the edges detracts from the picture and makes it look a bit false. Good leading lines subject matter strongly placed, building in background distracting, being in black and white gives it more impact

Three Concrete Posts: Even on a country walk we can't avoid concrete. Tranquil canal scene with a pleasing composition. Timed well to get the longboat in the right position. A pleasing shot of a narrow boat cruising a canal, with concrete bollards in the foreground. Unfortunatley the narrow boat steals the show. Maybe would have benefited from framing it so that the concrete bollards dominated the foreground more, and became the main focus of the shot. I would have lost the post on the right with the notice too. ,In this case does the boat distract from the primary subject? If it's 3 posts then getting in closer and waiting for boat to pass might have been better? A good idea but for me needs more work. A tighter, maybe square crop would help to focus more on the posts. Also lighten the posts to make them standout more. Nice picture of a canal boat and in this one we would normally crop out the posts but as the subject is concrete they have been included. Not enough concrete for the topic for me. Unfortunately the eye is taken away from the subject matter and focuses on the man on the barge

Towering: Another view of these cooling towers. This time a more conventional composition lifted out of the ordinary by the clever inclusion of the chimney. Concrete as well of course. ,Good composition and lighting, but could it be better in black and white? Colours are almost too pretty for this subject! A good balance composition helped by the thin chimney. The closer detail used in the other picture (I assume from the same author) is a much stronger picture for the theme of concrete so I find this doesn't have the same impact. Beautiful image, the colours are well brought out, the sky gives it drama and the trees brings out the colours of the towers

Turn Right: Eye catching reflection of the arrow engraved in a large concrete block. Interesting how the mirror image appears as a bas-relief lying on the surface rather than engraved into it. Well spotted. A clever reflection shot which works well, with the sharp relief of the arrow in the concrete (and the puddle) block grabbing the eye and dominating the shot. Yes its concrete! This is a well seen shot - it's really made by the arrow and it's reflection.,Like the reflected arrow, but troubled by the strong black circles top right which distract. Crop down a bit maybe? Like the observation of this image and love the arrow reflection in the puddle. A well seen image, I like the position of the arrow reflection. I wonder if a square crop taking off a portion of the left hand side would make an even stronger image. Very clever composition yet simple. Strong reflection captures the essence of the subject matter