• JPS Merit Competition Member Voting

    Merit 4 - the Final

  • Introduction

    Given the difficult situation we all find ourselves in, and by way of a pilot exercise, we are following an online voting process for the final of our 2019/20 Merit Competition. We will monitor this process closely, and if it works succesfully we may consider deploying it again.

    Once members, who wish to, have voted and the deadline has passed, the results will be advised initially via the via the club newsletter.


    As usual vote for each image out of 10, and indicate your scores using the scoring buttons BELOW each image. Please be consistent and score as you would have done in the clubhouse. You may find it useful to review the images in the slideshow, full screen, via the link on the page above, and it is to be recommended that you view on a large screen, rather than on a small phone screen.

    There are 3 sections - DPI, Prints, and Fun Set Subject. Please vote in all sections, but use some imagination in the prints category in order to see them as if they really were prints.


    Voting for this competition is limited to members only. It is very improtant to adhere to the following governance points:

    1. Only current JPS Members are allowed to vote.

    2. Do NOT vote for your own images.

    3. You must vote for all images, except your own.

    Voting which does not adhere to these three points will be rejected.

  • In order to confirm membership, please provide your details:

  • DPI Section

  • Prints Section

  • Remember, these are meant to be mounted Prints, so do please use a lttle imagination here.

  • Fun Set Subject - "Abstract"

  • The DPI in this section should not only be good images, but they should also reflect the theme in some way - in this case "ABSTRACT". So please bear that in mind in your scoring.

  • Submit your Votes


    Please make sure you have voted for every image in all sections, but EXCLUDING your own entries.

    Voting not adhering to this will be rejected.

    If you have checked your entries, then please click on the CAPTCHA below and then on SUBMIT.

  • Thanks for voting.

    This make take a couple of minutes - please be patient - and you may need to scroll back to the top of the screen for confirmation.

  • www.jaguarps.co.uk

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